WHEN: 01-01-1970

In light of the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces and their ongoing attacks, we at D&D have decided to post-pone our partnership with Women’s Aid (to be revisted at a later date), and instead focus on raising donations for aid for the Ukrainian people.

As such, we are now partnering with the Just Giving campaign #CookforUkraine. The #CookforUkraine campaign aims to increase awareness of the humanitarian crisis the world faces right now, as well as raise the funds needed to aid children & families in Ukraine who have been displaced by the current situation.

“Since its inception, hundreds of people from different backgrounds and nationalities have reached out and shown their solidarity by joining this initiative – including top chefs, award-winning food writers, restaurant owners and home cooks – cooking, baking and sharing Ukrainian and Eastern European inspired dishes at their restaurants with their guests, at home with their friends and across social media with their family and followers.

#CookForUkraine also provides a platform for Ukrainian families and their supporters to share recipes with each other, along with the stories behind those dishes. “

Throughout March, D&D will therefore be adding a voluntary donation of £2 to every bill in order to provide aid for the ongoing Ukrainian humanitarian crisis on behalf of #CookforUkraine.

Check out the #CookforUkraine website here.