DJs – Tuesday 12th December

WHEN: 01-01-1970

Whats on: Tom Diesel Hybrid DJ-Live 

On Tuesday 12th of November we welcome the talented Tom Diesel to the Madison decks for an evening of immersive entertainment. 

The most intriguing artists are the ones you can’t put in a box, and yet you can’t get out of your head. Tom Diesel is one of those rare artists. Australian born, this multi-instrumentalist DJ has wowed audiences in all the major music capitals of the world, before arriving in the UK to become talk of the town in London’s vibrant live music scene.

Tom performs a masterful solo DJ set that seamlessly blends real instrumentation with Deep, progressive and Balearic house mixes, performing on saxophone, guitar and keyboards alike to create a truly unforgettable live music experience.

Music Timings: 

Tom Diesel (Live):  16:00 – 20:00