Dan Healy

International DJ & Producer Dan Healy has risen through the ranks over the past decade to become one of London’s finest exports. Starting with a bang in the West End, Dan is a versatile technician, his sets fusing house music with his love of soul and the classics.

Tony English

Rated as one of London’s hottest DJ’s with the ability to rock dance floors across the globe from main stage European festivals and nightclubs exceeding 20.000 to more intimate spaces in London.

Tony English began his career in the late 90’s after securing guest dates at some of London’s elite super clubs hanover Grand, Bagley’s and Club UK, the benchmark spots for putting UK dance music on the map. After a few years crafting the sound in London he was then found regularly playing at Pacha, The EGG, Fabric, The End and Turnmills.


There are a few artists that are synonymous with the term ‘House Music’, those acts that have become so ingrained in the conception of the sound that the simple resonance of their name brings a vibe to mind. Gary Dedman and Kevin Andrews created such a pseudonym when they joined forces to create the “Hoxton Whores”. Named after the London borough from which they came, the Hoxton Whores quickly became a much-loved feature on the dance music circuit. Initially coming together to write and produce music, their lovechild soon morphed into an extremely successful partnership that continues to rock dance floors all over the world to this day.

With massive remixes under their belt for the likes of remixed Deep Dish, Paul Johnson and Robbie Rivera, and more recent original collaborations include Todd Terry, Luigi Rocca, Alex Kenji and Marco Lys, featuring on countless compilations along the way with thousands upon thousands of sales in territories all over the globe.